Civic center still on deck

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 14, 2004

By LEONARD GRAY – Managing Editor

HAHNVILLE – A long-contemplated capital project for St. Charles Parish recently took another step forward, as a panel of community leaders recommended construction of a civic center, based on a public survey.

An assessment of human services needs in St. Charles Parish began in February 2003, under contract with the Metropolitan College of the University of New Orleans.

A total of 34 topics were deemed worthy of systematic review by the panel with rankings assigned to their importance.

Among highest percentage of high ratings are emergency medical care, programs and services for teenage pregnancy, juvenile delinquency programs, entertainment for youth and family, literacy programs and child abuse programs.

On the list of highest percentage of low ratings are entertainment for youth and family, public transportation, civic center, youth centers and mobile health clinics.

This left the items ranked by need, according to the survey, entertainment for youth and family at the top, civic center for community functions in second place, youth centers at third, public transportation at fourth, juvenile delinquency programs at fifth, independent living/retirement centers, community college or university satellite campuses, programs and services for teen pregnancy and emergency medical care.

Parish President Albert Laque commented he was pleased with the survey resultss, and commented in reference to entertainment and civic center facilities, “I’m more than hopeful we can get something off the ground.”