Annual St. Hubert’s church bazaar

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 7, 2004

By Anna Monica – Correspondent

When it’s the month of May, it’s time for the St. Hubert’s Church Bazaar in Garyville, an annual one-day event. There are no rides, sideshows or games outside. The weather doesn’t really hamper any activities because the bazaar takes place inside of the St. Hubert Church Hall. There was a time when volleyball teams competed nearby on that day but that has changed and the indoor activity proves sufficient.

One very important fact has definitely not changed, and that is the dedication to the work involved in this event each year by citizens of Garyville and neighboring friends. The bazaar is always on Sunday and on Saturday the good cooks of Garyville begin preparing, followed by early-morning cooking the next day. People like Inez Blank, Leona Miano, Elsie Cambre, Lionel LeBoeuf, Allen St. Pierre, Stephen Ocmond, Tony Monica, Garland Landry, Betty Vicknair, Garland Roussel, Brett Accardo, Rose Deslatte, Joe Stein, Lynn Bourgeois and Faye Kilburn worked diligently in the kitchen and prepared and served the food that sold out before 1:00 p.m.

This is a small community with people who apparently have pride and big hearts, especially when it comes to supporting its churches, of which St. Hubert’s is the largest single-denomination church. This is the day that former residents and natives of the town like Parish President Nickie Monica and his family, choose to return to the community to support the church in its fund raising. Walking through the door, participants are greeted with raffles manned by O. J. Trosclair, Sammy Miano, Donna and Faron Duhe, Lois Tamplain, Norma and Ronald Fremin, while Jerry and Nelwyn Jacob and Jeanne Gregoire sell hot dogs and sausage sandwiches nearby. Some of these same people had worked all night at the Relay for Life in Reserve the evening before, but were committed to working here all day, too.

Also nearby busily selling from the “sweets” table, was Janice LeBoeuf whose helpful crew of Lindy LeBoeuf and Mildred Schexnayder had prepared over twenty-one batches of goodies to sell in addition to those that others brought in. Meanwhile, Henry Oubre and “Red” Brignac maintained charge over the drink area.

Since meal time was over, Elsie Cambre, Joyce Oncale and Net LeBlanc

began running the very popular bingo game portion and at each intermission, Katrina Levron and her dad, Lynn Bourgeois, started spinning the “cake wheel” to the delight of sweets fan who won cakes for a bargain price. Friends of St. Hubert’s, Reserve’s Ray and Audrey Boe were also seen bringing in a cake to add to a number of others brought in by generous parishioners.

This was a joint effort of many, and whereas it was easy to get the names of some, there were others making contributions toward this success, too, and perhaps “Baba” Oncale and Lindy LeBoeuf had the best handle on how successful this was as they had to count money all day to keep the finances straight. About finances, so much credit and thanks is for those who went out and secured ads, no easy tasks. All contributors to the success of the bazaar which included organizations, businesses and individuals, were listed in the program with expressed thanks and appreciation.

As is tradition, at 5 p.m., good cooks were ready to sell pastalaya so there was always food around for the hungry.

Toward the day’s end, a live auction took place. Successful bidders and raffle winners carried off their treasures and once again the dedicated St. Hubert’s parishioners became the clean-up crew.

Very soon, St. Hubert’s pastor, Fr. Charles Caluda, will publish the financial results of this 2004 fund raiser. Next, the people of St. Huberts and friends will not have long to rest as they will be hosting a farewell event for their beloved Sr. Geraldine Moran, well known throughout the entire parish through her many contacts and programs, who will be leaving this summer to return to her homeland of Ireland.