Driving classes for the elderly?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 21, 2004

by Leonard Gray – Managing Editor

Ever get those drivers from the nether regions who terrorize you on the highways? This sort of thing happens to me all too often.

Take Monday, for example.

Driving along Main Street in LaPlace, headed to Airline Highway, a van pulls out from the St. John Service Center, crosses the northbound lane and enters the southbound lane, there to wait to make a left turn.

This driver held back, leaving an avenue of escape, should anyone decide they wanted to drive southbound on Main Street, headed toward West Fifth Street, because that lane was now totally and inconsiderately blocked.

From westbound Airline, a car waited uncertainly at the light, waiting to make his left turn, headlong into the waiting van.

The light turned green, and the van driver nonchalantly pulled out and made a left turn. This driver muttered and stared around, looking for a convenient deputy. There was none, so after making a left turn and preparing to turn right onto U.S. Highway 51, this driver pulled alongside the van.

Inside, an elderly man had a serene smile on his face, while a woman who appeared to be his middle-aged daughter did her best to ignore the shouting, frothing man in the next vehicle.

For some reason, this driver neglected to get a license plate number to report the incident, hoping that driver would cause another accident within minutes which would stall that driving career.

Or maybe not.

Some people appear to have protective angels over them, despite their foolish, inconsiderate and illegal behavior.

See why a remedial class for elderly drivers is a good idea? How often do you see situations likethis?

I’m not perfect, but I’m not dumb, either.

LEONARD GRAY is managing editor of L’Observateur. He may be reached at 652-9545.