A perfect pair

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 7, 2004

By Anna Monica – Correspondent

Both have the first name of Natalie and as they work together they refer to themselves as “Natalie Squared.” However, there is nothing square about these two vivacious young women when they go into action for something that makes sense to their belief system.

Natalie Tatje is in the insurance business and Natalie Robottom is a speech pathologist but presently works in the Parish President’s office in an administrative capacity. Their work is different, their names the same, but there seems to be an inexhaustible capacity for hard work when it comes to the common good, such as teaming up for the American Heart Association fund raising.

Tatje has been at it for eleven years and Robottom for about seven. They are a terrific team and this year successfully chaired together the AHA’s Annual Gala, held at the Ormond Country Club in Destrehan, as well as contributed to its annual tennis tournament just held at Belle Terre Country Club.

When a friend’s son had heart surgery at age two and received help from the AHA, Tatje was impressed. “Now,” she says, “it seems like every year someone has heart surgery.” With additional encouragement from her mother-in-law, Ann, Tatje dove in and hasn’t stopped. She is also inspired by her own mom, Alice Natal, who is a firm believer in “that if you give, you get.”

Some of Robottom’s relatives, including her Godchild, had heart surgery in the past. “You just hear of cases every day,” says this tireless worker.

The two Natalies believe they have the capacity to sit and listen when others talk and say that when it comes to ideas, “they can be persuaded.” Each possess a straightforward personality, are strong leaders and even though they are on the opposite side of the political fence, provide balance for each other.

Married and with families, both women credit their husbands, Kurt Tatje and Hernendez Robottom, with being the stable force in their lives and believe that without their encouragement and tolerance, being available to help others would be most difficult.

Meanwhile, their commitment to community is valuable – and obvious.