Keeping faith with America’s military

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 24, 2004

HAROLD KELLER – Get High on Life

The war in Iraq has been going on for a little over one year. Over 500 American soldiers have been killed for protecting our freedom. The war on terrorism is real and the price our fighting men and women have to pay is high.

Quoting an old cliche, “War is hell,” in these times is not an exaggeration. Is the war in Iraq necessary? I strongly support President Bush and all the unselfish men and women who bravely stand in the gap for all of us.

Yes, all of us – even those who challenge the decision to go to war. Some of the opposition to the war is genuine and the criticism constructive.

Being an election year, much of the negative talk about the war is anti-Bush, but I hope not anti-American. Regardless of the intention of the opposition, the bottom line is that it tells the rest of the world that we are not a united country, but divided by some personal ambitions and other selfish motives.

I’m sure a few readers will say that it’s easy for me to talk. That’s right. Talk is cheap, but I’m old enough to remember all the wars since World War II. My dad had four brothers that saw action in World War II, and one paid the ultimate price for my freedom with his life. He was killed in Europe.

I have 15 grandchildren. If any of them are ever called to serve in the military and have to go to war, I can tell you I’ll worry and pray for them. On the other hand, I’ll be a proud grandfather, knowing that they were raised to love this country and realizing their responsibility to help protect it.

I love my country enough to support the people strong enough to make difficult decisions and those brave enough to serve, keeping in mind that united we stand, but divided we fall.

May God bless America!

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