Confronting a phony person

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 13, 2004

Get High on Life – Harold Keller

“Get real!” was a popular saying a few years ago. I often say that there aren’t many real people in this world. Most of us are quick to brand people as being phony, but slow to recognize our pretentious behavior.

It’s a fact that the truth will set you free, but in reality, it might hurt sometimes.

Last week, Jeanne and I rushed to make a basketball game in Metairie in which our grandson, David, was involved.

My wife always tells me that I shouldn’t walk ahead of her, but as usual, I did. I was anxious to get seated. The bleachers were a little steep and awkward to climb. My wife followed after me, struggling while carrying a drink and her heavy purse that contains everything imaginable in it. I made no effort to help her.

She didn’t say anything and took her seat next to me. Kay, David’s mom, came a short time later and sat next to her mother.

During the half, a young lady carrying a drink and a bag of peanuts was cautiously climbing the bleachers and I immediately extended my hand, like a gentleman, to help her. She smiled and thanked me as she took her seat a few feet from me.

I saw Jeanne turn and whisper something to Kay and Kay laughed. “What did your mom say?” I asked. “Nothing,” Kay answered, as she continued to laugh. Again, I asked, “What did she say?” Jeanne then answered and said, “I told her, ‘What a big phony!'”

I had to laugh myself. Jeanne doesn’t usually say what she’s thinking, but that time she did and seemed to enjoy it.

Was it the truth? Yes. Did it hurt? Not really, because as I get older, I’m more honest with myself.

Being phony isn’t something I proudly admit, but I do accept the weakness in my personality. The problem I have is that I really have a dislike for phony people.

The Bible says that only God knows my heart. I’m sure Jeanne would love to know it, but only God knows the inner feelings in my heart.

I guess the reason I could laugh at myself when Jeanne called me a phony is because I know, in my heart, I want to be real. God knows my heart and all of my godly desires, which He promises to deliver. With that in mind, I know God will help me, one day, to be real.

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