Look at your potato friends

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Harold Keller-Get High on Life

When a potato is first dug up, it’s not a very attractive-looking food. It’s dirty and not very appetizing, even if you’re hungry.

A few years ago, at an early morning Bible study, my friend Tim Martin shared something about the freshly-harvested potato that I’ll never forget. He compared the potato to a lost person whose life may be out of order, rebellious toward God and maybe even a little dirty-looking.

Tim said, “That potato, in the natural, doesn’t look good, but if you visualize what that potato can become, it suddenly becomes attractive.” He stated a few examples – potato salad, potato soup, French fries, baked potato, stuffed potato, etc. He immediately turned our imaginations from a dirty potato to what could be done with the potato. He said it all depends on how we look at the potato, either as a raw food or a finished product.

“God doesn’t make junk,” he continued. “We need to look at them from the eyes of Jesus. Every human is created to be a positive, finished product. The drug addict and all sinners are to be looked at as possible, God-fearing people who will become godly role models to their families, assets to their communities and ambassadors for our heavenly Father, the King of Kings.”

The potato, if left in the field, will rot and be of no good to anyone. It’s the same with the lonely, hurting person, left unloved and not cared for. They will leave this world not realizing their full value.

Instead of looking at people the way they appear, we should look at them as one of God’s future miracles – a changed life – a finished product.

The next time I look at a person, before judging their appearance and behavior, I hope I can think of Tim Martin and the potato story.

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