Hahnville Science Fair

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Press Release

announces ’04 winnersHahnville High School recently held its annual science fair. Students design and conduct scientific experiments and then present their findings to a panel of external judges. Students then advance to the parish fair and ultimately the state or national science fair. This year’s winners are the following:

In physics, Donnell Ellis, 1st place for “Bottoms Up;” Donna Weber, 2nd place for “Are they Equal: Inertial and Gravitational?”; 3rd place tie-Delmus Stewart “Does the Period of a Pendulum Depend on Its Weight, Amplitude, or Length?” and Gabriel Zeringue for “Piezo Rockets;” Honorable mention: Eric Fey for “Effects of Impact” and Amanda Nicholas for “Does Velocity have and Effect on Input?’

In Earth and Space: Barbara Fort, honorable mention for “Crystals”

In Environmental Science: Keithlynn Robert, 1st place for “Where is the Buzz?”; Charles Cancienne, 2nd place for “Plant Life;” and Chris Zeller, 3rd place for “Where is the Best Crappie Bait?”

In Microbiology: Michelle Coyle, 1st place for “What’s in your Sink?”; Tremon Cannon, 2nd place for “Breaking Down Mold”

Team Category: Sarah Sassin and Helen Pierce, 1st place for “The Effects of Acid Rain on Limestone;” Jessica Madere and Jennifer Madere, 2nd place for “Carpet Cleaners;” Tomilee Abadie and Ashley Baudoin, 3rd place for “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow;” Honorable mention – tie: Suzanne Wineke and Amanda Penick for “What Color Light Can Best Be Seen through Fog?” and Dara Hodges and Jordan Brown for “Does Alcohol Dehydrate the Body?”

In Biochemistry: Lashelle Johnson, 1st place for “What Beverage Stains Your Teeth the Most?”; Ashandre Scott, 2nd place for “Family Prints;” Travis Ver Hey, 3rd place for “Can Honey be used as a Food Preservative?’

In Engineering: Lynwood Walker, 1st place for “Zero Polarity;” Shawn Naquin, 2nd place for “Concentrating Solar Energy;” Chris Cole, 3rd place for “Which Material is the Best Lifter?”

In Botany: Mallory Mayeaux, 1st place for “What Color Light Helps Increase Plant Growth?”; 2nd place tie – Travis Scott for “Do Plants React Better in Natural or Artificial Light?” and Jordan Boatwright for “Is it a Choice?”; Reid Pichon, 3rd place for “What’s Your Flavor?”; Leigh Powell, honorable mention for “Can any Household Items Kill Weeds?”

In Zoology: Jessica Brown, 1st place for “What Color Birdseed do Birds Prefer?”; Amanda Sharp, 2nd place “Are Dogs Color Blind?”; Curry Schaubhat, 3rd place for “Which Material Lasts Longest in a Duck Blind II?”

In Chemistry: Wesley Thigpen, 1st place for “Does Salt Speed Water to Boil?”; Sarah Richoux, 2nd place for “pHUN with pHOOD”; Tyler Mason, 3rd place for “How Fast Does Your Money Burn?”; Honorable Mention – tie: Shawn Bosarge for “Is the Coca-Cola Rumor True?” and Caitlyn Hanes for “Spin Cycle”

In Medicine and Health: Cassandra Duncan, 1st place for “Multi-Vitamen Meltdown”; Taylor Domegeaux, 2nd place for “Which Aspirin is Best to Your Stomach?”; and Matthew Finstad, 3rd place for “What Taste Better, Tap or Bottle Water?”

In Computer Technology: John Noehl, 1st place for “A.I.?”; Ryan Granier, 2nd place for “Does Internal Temperature Affect Performance?”;

In Behavioral Science: Honorable Mention – tie: Sarah Eutsler for “Which Music Affected the Test Scores?” and Kimball Colly for “How Does Music Affect the Heart?”

Best in Show: Lynwood Walker from the junior/senior entries and Michelle Coyle from the freshmen/sophomore entries