World Premiere of Knots at HHS

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 23, 2004

Press Release

Boutte – The Hahnville High School talented drama students will perform KNOTS by Susan Chenet, talented drama teacher. The premiere of the production will be on January 23rd & 24th, Friday and Saturday, at 7pm. KNOTS will be performed in Hahnville High School’s auditorium and admission is free.

KNOTS is an original full-length play that is comprised of 5 thematically connected one-acts. Each one-act depicts a group of teens in some type of tangled situation. “STAKES” takes an amusing look at 5 teenagers trying to spend the night out in the woods. “TIED UP” follows the escapades of nine that have tried to steal the mascot of a rival high school. “TIED DOWN” is a fun one-act that watches 2 boys try to control 3 girls in a stranded boat. “IN KNOTS” is a romp of high jinx and bad jokes. And “TYING THE KNOT” involves a small town, Smithsville, a girl, a boy, and a wedding planner trying to get through a wedding rehearsal. All plays are comedies and are suitable for the entire family.

The cast members for STAKES include Jerri Dantin, Kristi Karger, Patrick O’Malley, Shawn Naquin, and Karla Troxler.

The cast members for TIED UP are Ashley Benesky, Megan Chiasson, Brianne Childress, Ashley Dufrene, Kimberly Fron, Alyse Granier, Tommy Rousse, Courtney Soudelier, and LaVonna Varnado.

The cast of TIED DOWN includes Troy Champion, Joshua Danford, Jaycee Lawrence, Maegan McCully, and Mariana Sheppard.

Cast members for IN KNOTS are Kendra Boyd, Cort Fillman, Nichole Larkey, Drew LeBlanc, Jonathan Montet, and Zach Sims.

TYING THE KNOT includes Andi Austin, Celeste Austin, Blair Boudreaux, Dani Dupre, Caitlin Fysh, Sean Granier, Lawrence Luquette, Sarah Owens, Ashley Plaisance, Rosalind Terrebonne, Robin Thigpen, and Michael Tregre as cast members.

The set for the play was designed and developed by Rica and Lloyd Soudelier and painting was done by Kristie Gough’s art students. KNOTS is written and directed by Susan Chenet.