Can’t we alljust get along?

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 23, 2004

Leonard Gray Managing editor

The quick answer to the above question is apparently not. Crime continues to plague us, and violence seems to surround us.

The causes of all this go far beyond poverty or race or greed or intolerance. It comes down to a basic self-centered attitude which seems to prevail in these times of “whoever has the most toys wins” and the remnants of the “Me Generation.” Children grow up on their own, meaning that they learn more from each other than any parental influence. Ethics and values appear to have taken a back seat to “I’ve got mine, and to hell with you.”

How can society address this problem of reforming and redeeming itself? While not claiming to have “The Answer” here, a few suggestions may be in order.

€ Why are you here? If you have no good answer to this, you need one. Here’s food for thought. You are here for one another. We are on this planet for a reason, and self-gratification is not it.

€ What are your dreams? If they fail to go beyond your own self-interest, you need bigger dreams. Search your soul, then look to your talents, gifts and abilities and finally look beyond yourself and see how they may be of service to others.

€ Who are your heroes? If you identify with Hollywood actors or sports heroes, attempting to model your lives after them, you need better heroes. Such “heroes” inevitably tarnish and fade. You need to find stronger, more positive heroes and there are many to be found.

These are just a few ideas to stir your thinking. Feel free to pass them along, especially to your children.

LEONARD GRAY is managing editor of L’Observateur and may be reached at 652-9545.