Looking Back

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 16, 2004

Press Release

The following news items appeared in newspapers across Louisiana between Sept. 14-20, 1903:

Cyclist Breaks Record

Cyclist Van R. Hunt beat the record yesterday afternoon by making a wheel trip around the “horseshoe” road in 58 minutes.

He started a point on Second Street and returned to that point in less than an hour. He made the trip alone. This is a distance of about 14 miles.

Alexandria Town Talk

Jan. 19, 1904

Lake Charles Mischief-Maker Now a Piano Virtuoso

All of the Calcasieu seediness of a heavy-footed lumbering farmer that seemed so inseparable from his very self when we knew him about four years ago at LSU has given way completely to the dudish and sparkling appearance of a vivacious Brighton Beach debonair.

Lake Charles American

Jan. 19, 1904

Blanchard Wins Gubernatorial Primary

The result of yesterday’s gubernatorial primary, which was easily foretold all along, places in the chief executive seat of this commonwealth one who, from ability, training and experience in public life is perhaps the best equipped for the place since the Civil War.

Shreveport Journal

Jan. 20, 1904

Lighting Company to Illuminate Mardi Gras

The illumination of Canal Street, from Liberty Monument to Liberty Street, during the Carnival season has been one of the features of the Mardi Gras, and the indications are that it will be continued this year and for many to come.

New Orleans Picayune

Jan. 21, 1904

A Visit to Ruston

This is a place where a fine climate and a fine people are blended and where a critical observer of the situation would delight to settle down with a beautiful Southern wife and grow old gracefully.

Shreveport Journal

Jan. 22, 1904


Good fellowship with every glass of beer is the coupon of guaranty accompanying every draught of Anheuser Busch beer, whether it be from glass, bottle, keg or barrel. Many a scintillating joke would be lost to you and posterity but for the sparkling effervescence of Anheuser Busch beer.

New Iberia Enterprise

Jan. 23, 1904

Board of Trade Plans a Mexican Invasion

During the first part of March, a special train bearing the heads of about 30 of the largest houses in New Orleans, will leave this city for a 9,000-mile trip through the great Latin American republic, and before it shall have returned, businessmen of many of the large cities of Mexico will have had an opportunity to meet socially and talk business with the progressive commercial men of the Crescent City.

New Orleans Picayune

Jan. 24, 1904

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