LaPlace Elementary Announces Social Studies Fair Winners

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 9, 2004

Press Release

LAPLACE – LaPlace Elementary School recently announced the winners of its 2003 Science Fair, which was held in December.

Students in grades 4-6 competed in one category, while students in grades 7-8 competed in another.

The winners in grades 4-6 were:

History – Jonathan Broughton, 1st place; Rhea Triche, 2nd place; Elizabeth Holton and Seberia Aubert, tied for 3rd place; and Chelsea Dupuy, Jordan Remondet, Eric Bell, Mia Harris, Madaline King, Markeno Mazique and Kayla Bolden, honorable mention.

Sociology – Adriana Avalos, 1st place; Ashlie Williams, 2nd place; Sarah Lewis, 3rd place; and Jesse Miller, honorable mention.

Political Science – Kameron Kidd, 2nd place.

Economics – Bradley Jouty, 1st place.

Geography – Bradley Schultz, 1st place; Tayler Parks, 2nd place; Brandi Millers, 3rd place; and Tiffani Andree and Sierra Marchand, honorable mention.

Anthropology – Kerrion Baker and Tai Nicholas, tied for 1st place; Cambrey Dent, 2nd place; Terri Franklin and Harmony Hamilton, tied for 3rd place; and Devon Labat, Amanda Bryant and Alexis Edwards, honorable mention.

The winners in grades 7-8 were:

History – Dylan Kippe, 1st place; and Shelbi Rayborn and Chris Hergruder, tied for 2nd place; Chris Carroll, Corey Dunn and Darryl Wesley, tied for 3rd place; Chris Caronna, Quinton Cole, Sam Huffman, Dwayne Stemley and Amanda Tamplain, honorable mention.

Sociology – Whitney Jackson, 1st place; Stacy Sutton, 2nd place; Brittany Livingston, 3rd place; and Jovi Christopherson, honorable mention.

Economics – Corionne Eugene, 1st place, Timothy Livingston, 2nd place; and Summer Campbell, 3rd place.

Geography – Amber Sutton, 1st place; Michelle Villeret, 2nd place; and Andrew Perez, 3rd place.

Anthropology – Kari Gomel, 1st place; Mara McGoogan, 2nd place; Andrew Reyes, 3rd place; and Andre Millet and Robert Berguno, honorable mention.