John L. Ory Magnet Announces Science Fair Winners

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 9, 2004

Press Release

LAPLACE – John L. Ory Communication Arts Mag-net recently announced the winners of its 2003 Science Fair, which was held before the holiday break.The fair included competitions for grades K-5 in nine categories and competitions for grades 6-8 in 11 categories. The first-place winners will be eligible for advanced competition.

The following winners in grades K-5 were recognized:

Physical Science – David Telfair, 1st place.

Earth Science – Travis D’Antoni, 3rd place; Christ-opher Robinson, 2nd place; and Augerie Cockerham, 1st place.

Biology – Renee Madere, 2nd place; and Roy Woodson, 1st place.

Medicine & Health – Ryan Adams, 3rd place; Elizabeth Theriot, 2nd place; and Terynek Grover, 1st place.

Behavioral Science – Richard Borne, 3rd place; April Lee, 2nd place; and Kayleigh Smith, 1st place.

Chemistry – Zachary Christenson, 3rd place; Kirk White, 2nd place; and Christopher Ory, 1st place.

Environmental Science – Amber Tumblin, 2nd place; and Glenn Willard, 1st place.

Botany – Alaina Brock-man, 2nd place; and Billy Liner, 1st place.

Physics – Lauren Cantrell, 3rd place; Aiwa Miller, 2nd place; and Toi Williams, 1st place.

The following winners in grades 6-8 were recognized:

Biology – Nola Tolbert, 2nd place; and Kyle Wilking and Tia Casadaban, tied for 1st place.

Mathematics – Randall Joseph, 3rd place.

Botany – Tamara Nelson, 2nd place; and Devin Gaude, 1st place.

Chemistry – Danecka Joh-nson, 3rd place; Alejandra Breaux, 2nd place; and Lauren Vaughn, 1st place.

Engineering – Yoshiko Mil-ler, 2nd place; and Jordan Brown, 1st place.

Physical Science – Lindsey Walker, 1st place.

Behavioral Science – Sara Smith, 3rd place; Priscilla Negron, 2nd place; and Shay Ives, 1st place.

Zoology – Miles Peckhaus, 3rd place; and Bryant Gomez, 2nd place.

Environmental Science – Trolanda Clark, 3rd place; Amanda Wise, 2nd place; and Breanna Davis, 1st place.

Earth Science – Erika Garrett, 2nd place; and Jordan Collins, 1st place.

Physics – C.J. Brown, 3rd place; Taylor Atkinson, 2nd place; and T.J. Wise, 1st place.