Where’s my luggage?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 6, 2004

by George Mahl Sports Editor

LEWES, DELAWARE – Anytime your luggage gets delayed, your trip is always off to a bad start.

That was exactly the case for myself and several members of the Reserve Christian basketball team last week while we were waiting at Baltimore/ Washington International Airport. I was told the reason was because by flying on what is known as a “prop plane” from Philadelphia to Baltimore there was not enough room in the plane for all of the cargo to fit. We sat around at the BWI Airport for what seemed like an eternity until our luggage finally arrived on another flight from Philadelphia to Baltimore.

The bus that was to take us from Baltimore to Lewes, Delaware must have circled around the airport for what seemed to him like 1,000 times. There was nothing we could do except wait for about two hours for another plane from Philadelphia to come in, hopefully with our luggage. After it had finally arrived, we got on the bus and got to Lewes in a little over two hours.

The bus driver was funny and myself, Kevin Branch and Tim and Ronnie Byrd all were enjoying ourselves during the ride to Delaware. It seemed like it took forever to get through Maryland, though. I think we took the scenic route because I remember seeing another map that appeared to have a shorter distance from Baltimore to Delaware. Nonetheless, as long as we got there was all that mattered to me.

During the bus ride, Mr. Byrd, Tim’s father, must have asked the bus driver if we were in Delaware yet at least three times. I think it may have been on the third time when he asked the driver if we had gotten to Delaware yet. Mr. Byrd saw a sign on a highway that said “Welcome to Ocean County.” At this point, he said out loud

“I guess we are finally in Delaware.” To his and everyone else’s dismay the bus driver responded “nope”.

A loud laughter broke out from the first two rows of the bus after the bus drivers response. We finally arrive in Delaware at 9:15pm and unpack and go to bed.

After knocking off the number one and six ranked teams in America, was time to head back home. The five days we spent had just flown by. After boarding the plane at BWI airport, the flight attendant said over the loud speaker “Congratulations to Reserve Christian for performing so well in their tournament.”

I don’t know who informed her of how we did, but I did not care. I just wanted to get home. Oh, by the way, our luggage came through with no problems when we arrived home.