Fans react to the “Purple and Gold” victory

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 6, 2004

By Sue Ellen Ross Staff Reporter

The Sugar Bowl Championship game on Sunday put New Orleans in the national limelight of sports with LSU’s victory over Oklahoma. In order to find out how residents of the River Parishes are reacting to the Tiger win, we asked the following question:

What is your reaction to this ultimate achievement made by the LSU football team?


“Good for them. This team had a lot going on, and it showed in the game,” said J. Miller, LaPlace.

C. Cantrell, Meterie, also felt the team was a notch above going into the game. “There was so much talk around that they would stay out in front, and they did,” he said. “I am proud to be in Louisiana.”

L. Roberts, Reserve, said he is not usually an LSU fan. But he couldn’t help getting involved when his entire family sat glued to the television Sunday night.

“They did play a good game,” he said. ‘I guess I am a fan now, since I gave up my usual Sunday night movie.”

The Richardson family of Reserve planned their entire evening around the game. “After supper, we got the snacks ready and turned on the answering machine,” said P. Richardson. She added that the only time she and her 3 children left the couches was during halftime. Regarding the LSU win, she was happy on more than one count. “I put money in a pool and looks like I may have won,” she said. “And the LSU boys played really good, they did us proud.”