Let’s elect leaders

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 1, 2003

By Leonard Gray-Staff Writer

Depending upon who you talk to, election turnout for Saturday is predicted to be everywhere from 55 to 65 percent, and that’s a shame. What’s more, it’s shameful.

We have men and women in Iraq, trying to extend to them the blessings of freedoms we enjoy. One of those is the privilege of freely electing those who will govern us. Dictatorship is not an option, but if we abdicate our own responsibility to vote, it’s as good as handing over our voting rights to the powerful and privileged and permitting them full reign over us.

Veterans, to a man, should be at the polls. They know this fight first-hand, and know better. They should also communicate that need to voice their opinions to their children, their friends and everyone they know.

At the same time voters research the candidates and hopefully make responsible choices, it is hoped the candidates meet their own responsibilities.

Candidates should offer alternatives, not attacks. They should campaign on their positives, not harp on the negatives. They all need to behave with maturity, not play childish pranks with stolen and vandalized yard signs, slanderous rumors and sly innuendo. To do otherwise demeans themselves, embarrasses us and cripples the electoral process.

When we go to the polls, we want to place into office those who are our best and brightest, with fresh ideas for improvement, with goals to raise our quality of living and to be someone we can brag on for their positive, constructive and mature nature.

We’re not interested in who can be the worst bully or the most creative in attacks on opponents. We’re looking for leadership, not political hit-men.

Support your favorite candidate and teach your children how politics is supposed to work.

—Leonard Gray