Keep supporting schools

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 10, 2003

DEAR EDITOR: As the final legislative session of the current administration nears, taxpayers and parents should be happy to learn that the governor is maintaining his strong support for education. Despite the manypriorities competing for state tax dollars, Gov. Foster’s 2003-04 proposed budget plans for an increase in education funding.

Many of his predecessors boasted of their plans to be an education governor, only to succumb to political pressures that touted other interests. Important, without a doubt, but most had short-range results. The proper education of our children is, and always has been one of the best investments Louisiana can make in its future. Gov. Foster not only believes this, but his actions display his unwavering support for education reform.

Under his leadership: Louisiana has become a national leader in school accountability, Louisiana has become a leader in the South in teacher pay raises, Louisiana has more children; enrolled in pre-K than ever before, and Louisiana has increased professional development funding for educators.

It is extremely important that every effort be made to protect these investments. We must not return to the ways of the past, when Louisiana was most often found at the bottom of “good” lists and near the top of the “bad” lists. This good geginning must be turned into a lasting legacy.

Let’s encourage our legislators to continue supporting education in order that Louisiana and today’s students can reap the benefit of our investments tomorrow.

Polly Broussard
Executive Director
Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana