State supplemental pay is important

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 6, 2002

DEAR EDITOR: Louisiana police and fire-fighters and their families know all too well the financial uncertainties of being public servants. Qualified law enforcement officers and fire-fighters receive supplemental play from the state that is directly linked to maintaining professional training standards and requirements annually. Yet, nearly every year, they find themselves collectively begging for funding for this pay.

On Nov. 5, voters are asked to provide a level of protection for this pay, given since 1956. Constitutional Amendment No. 6 offers some relief and ends the use of public safely as a political football in the state’s budget process. This amendment is not a new tax. It is not a pay raise. It is a quality of life issue for the families of public servants and communities they serve.

You count on public safety officers to protect your family and property. Now, they and their families need your help. Please vote in favor of Amendment No. 6.

Capt. Patrick Yoes
President, Fraternal Order of Police