Pittman signs ‘hefty’ deal with Browns

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 24, 2002


GARYVILLE – The family did not disclose the “hefty” amount, but the fact it adjoined a three-year contract was enough to have the Pittman family beaming with excitement.

22-year-old Garyville resident and East St. John High School graduate Thomas Pittman signed with the Cleveland Browns as a free agent during the NFL draft weekend less than two months ago.

The few weeks was all the time the Browns coaches needed to make their decision, and now Pittman is looking forward to buying a home and beginning his professional football career.

The speed of the ordeal even surprised Pittman’s agent Mark Cook, who said he had never seen a deal happen so quickly.

As far as enjoying his new team and the far-away surroundings, Pittman’s mother Emma Pittman said her son is doing great.

“He loves it, we love it and they’re loving him,” said Pittman.

“It’s an adjustment because it’s 45 and 50 degrees up there, but he loves it, he has always loved the cold weather,” she continued.

“He got his foot in the door and it worked out. They said they want his younger brothers too.”

Before he got on his flight to join the Browns training camp as a free agent, Pittman was confident he could adapt to the new surroundings and show his skills on the field. Aiding in his transition, a handful of his former Florida Gators teammates were also trying for positions on the Browns squad.

“I won’t have a problem adjusting. I just need to get in there and make a name for myself,” said Pittman.

“I am going to fight for a spot and hope to be an investment with the Browns as a defensive end. My number one goal is to make the team and let everything else happen from there.”

Under the terms of his free agent contract, Pittman was being paid for the time he spent working out and practicing with the team, alt-hough he knew he still had to fight for a permanent position in the lineup.

Pittman said members of the family made the trip to locations such as Vermont when their son played baseball with the Montreal Expos, “so you know we’re going to Cleveland and we’re going when the Browns play the Saints. It’s all very exciting.”

Pittman will have a chance to play in New Orleans versus the Saints during the 12th week of the season on Nov. 24.

“It is a blessing from above to have raised five boys with no trouble,” said Pittman.

“I always instilled the word of God to help them on their way. I always explained, ‘Man can receive nothing unless it be given to him from above,” Pittman added.