Rebel With A Clause: Building my very own nest – a thrilling time

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 27, 2002


As corny as it may sound, I recently made my first big step towards real independence.

I reached a benchmark, one that everyone should aim for as they lap high school life, hurdle the freshman dorm days, and set their eyes on one of life’s greatest treasurers.

Thursday I purchased an iron headboard, the very first furniture item that will reside in my very own, on-my-own, moving-out-of-my-house-for- good apartment.

I will move in at the end of the summer, and I simply cannot wait.

Not that I haven’t loved and appreciated every moment at Mom and Dad’s, but this wave of excitement has got me on my toes and ready to go.

As a pretty creative person and “Trading Spaces” addict, having my own place is a dream come true. I love home decor and The Learning Channel show keeps me ever-motivated in my quest for economical design with flares of color.

I have already planned for bold colors and a contemporary style that I would never find in my current Victorian home.

I can’t wait to tie back the curtains, stack dishes in the cabinets, and pop the very first frozen pizza into the oven.

Pretty soon I’ll be relaxing on my own sofa, with my feet on the coffee table (finally, I’ll be allowed), clicking the remote, which I will no longer fight for with my sister.

It will be much different than living with my parents, and a world above the last year I spent in a 12-foot by 9-foot cinder block cell they call dormitories.

Of course, I will be faced with monthly phone bills, electricity bills, water bills, all of which sound incredibly unappealing. With every prize, there is a sacrifice. And this one, it might just be worth it.

The juices of adulthood are becoming more and more apparent. Sometimes I shy back and want to run to my childhood kitchen where the food is free and the help is plentiful. (Sadly, I’ll be flipping my own pancakes now on Sunday mornings.) But, mostly, I cross my fingers, hold my breath, and dash as quickly as I can into the new world that lies before me.

This truly is the most exciting period I’ve reached thus far. I think I might just like to stay here forever.

College – it truly is the greatest time of your life.

RACHEL HARRIS is a summer intern reporter for L’Observateur. She may be contacted at (985) 652-9545.