Faucheux law practice ordered on probation

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 5, 2002


NEW ORLEANS – State Rep. Bobby Faucheux’s law practice is still in operation, following disciplinary proceedings by the Louisiana Supreme Court placing him on probation, as of May 24.

“I’m not suspended from practicing,” Faucheux commented. “I’ll be monitored and on probation for a year.”

The lengthy matter had its origins nearly 11 years ago, according to the written decree, and arose from three counts of formal charges against the LaPlace attorney, now serving as the 57th District state representative.

In December 1991, a couple, Harold and Mona Washington, hired Faucheux to represent them in connection with a traffic accident involving Mona Washington.

During the course of the legal process, the couple began having marital difficulties, and she hired Faucheux to represent her in the divorce proceedings.

Once the settlement came through on the auto accident matter, Faucheux instructed a female employee on his staff to get the signatures of the couple on the settlement agreement.

However, without Faucheux’s knowledge, the employee forged Harold Washington’s name to the documents.

Faucheux was cited for not propertly supervising his employee, and she left Faucheux’s employ “three or four years ago,” he said. In addition, with the divorce proceedings under way, he should not have tried to continue and represent both of them in the accident matter.

In the other matter, in April 1995, Catherine Brown Scott hired Faucheux to represent her concerning a personal injury matter which occurred in Texas.

Faucheux told Scott he was not licensed to practice law in Texas, but agreed to try and handle the matter out of court.

However, the defendant’s attorney in the matter learned (after negotiations were under way) that Faucheux was not licensed in Texas and filed a formal complaint.

After investigation of these matters, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the state supreme court filed formal charges against Faucheux.

A formal hearing was held, during which the board found Faucheux’s conduct in the matter were “at the very least, knowing.”

Faucheux agreed with the disciplinary action, where he was given a one-year suspension, with six months deferred, and a year of probation under conditions of supervision.

Faucheux will also complete six hours of continuing legal education in the area of law office management.

Faucheux said as to the Washington matter, he was on the campaign trail for his state representative seat and “should have supervised her better.”