Get High On Life: The power of prayer demonstrated through the greatest of God’s gifts

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 30, 2002


I think it would be safe to say that most people underestimate the power of prayer. Jokingly, I often say that when a Christian doesn’t know what to do, or maybe just doesn’t care about helping someone, his or her favorite remark is, “I’ll pray for you.”

What exactly is prayer?

There is the repetitious prayer of some religious people – that being praying without purpose or meaning – not a sincere gesture. Then you have the earnest request, a genuine appeal.

The majority of my prayers have been without much meaning. In other words, just using words without expecting anything to result from my request. I have, on some occasions, felt so inadequate that I depended strictly on God and prayed in earnest, leaving the results to Him.

Such a time was last week while speaking to a group of young men who were trying to kick the drug habit. One young man in the group had a Mohawk haircut. I told him that he should file charges against the person who cut his hair. The group laughed and pointed to the person who, in my opinion, butchered his hair. He had a shaved head. I said, “I’d never let a shaved-head person cut my hair!” (Evidently, his actions proved that he had no respect for hair.) We all laughed a little and then I proceeded with my talk.

The subject was “love” and I shared that God loved each one of them and had an exciting life planned for them it they would only yield to His will for their lives.

As we ended, I asked if there were any questions or comments. The guy with the Mohawk raised his hand and said, “I grew up in a rotten family. I’ve never been to church, but after the meeting, will you pray with me?” I agreed to do so and shared with his the born-again experience that Jesus talks about in John, Chapter 3.

He listened, and I told him that I’d pray, and if Jesus touched his heart, he would know it. As I finished praying, the young man wept uncontrollably. He cried for about five minutes. It was great just to be a part of God’s greatest miracle – a changed life.

Was it a prayer with articulate, sophisticated words? No. It was a simple prayer that God heard and faithfully answered. What an exciting example of the power of prayer!

HAROLD KELLER writes this column as part of his affiliation with the Get High on Life religious motivational group. Call him at (985) 652-8477 or write to P.O. Drawer U, Reserve, LA 70084.