Olympic games just in time

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 1, 2002


HAHNVILLE – For six groups of senior citizens from Assumption Parish to St. Charles Parish, the Bayou-River District Games and Senior Olympics make up for the activities they didn’t have enough time for years ago.

Some participants explained raising children and a tough work schedule kept them from fully enjoying such events as javelin and track. But, this year, and for almost all of the senior citizens, the last decade, has been a chance to recapture a part of their youth through the games they stopped playing so many years ago.

“When I was younger I was wrapped up with my kids,” said St. John Parish resident Doris Berget. Berget, 67, said she enjoyed attending cub scout meetings and volunteering with numerous organizations, but now, and for the past six years, she gets her enjoyment through the olympic events.

“I have 26 medals in all. I won the gold this year for shot put and I just have fun doing it all,” Berget continued.

First-time participant Kathryn Elaine Murphy, 58, also agreed that the events are a wonderful way to be involved with sports again, now that she has more time. She is a local volunteer and member of the Ascension of Our Lord Altar Society. Murphy said she signed up for a wide range of events, including walking, which earned her the gold medal and softball, in which she won the bronze medal.

A group of the participants from the Terrebonne area explained their favorite aspects of the events are meeting new people at new locations across the River Parishes.

Edelia Boudreaux, 80, has been involved with senior olympics for “at least 10 years. I don’t stop,” she said. Besides volunteering four days each week, Boudreaux practices horseshoes and table tennis at her home to help keep her healthy and ready for the yearly games.

“I signed up for all of the games. So far I have two gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze this year,” she said.

“If you rest, you’ll rust,” urged Brenda Gibbens, 60, who also travelled from Terrebonne for her second year of olympics. “I like getting around to different areas, seeing all of these people and trying to stay fit.”

The 2002 Bayou-River District Games finish Tuesday with a celebration banquet and arts and crafts at 9:30 a.m. at the St. James Boat Club.