Get High On Life: Catholic Church is in crisis

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 16, 2002


“Can the Catholic Church Save Itself?” was the question on the cover of the April 1 issue of Time magazine. The answer is no. Before any of my Catholic friends get upset, be assured that God can, but man cannot. If man could save himself, God would not have had to send Jesus.

I often tell people that it’s hard for me to recognize God’s church. The church of God is made up of people who have repented, accepted Jesus as their Savior, and allowed Him to be the Lord of every area of their lives, regardless of their denomination.

Since January, the Catholic Church has been racked with the scandal of priests molesting children. The allegations of sex abuse and the cover-up by people in authority have outraged many Catholics, and rightfully so.

Some non-Catholics have rejoiced in the turmoil in the Catholic Church.

It reminds me of when Jimmy Swaggart fell in sexual sin. I was grieved for him, but many people rejoiced that this powerful evangelist had fallen.

God only knows how many people, who had their eyes on Jimmy Swaggart instead of God, fell because of their disappointment.

When I first got saved, I listened to Jimmy Swaggart every Sunday and thanked God that his ministry influenced my life. God spoke to me through him.

Growing up Catholic, I will be forever grateful for the Dominican nuns and some Catholic priests who instilled in me a desire to love and serve God.

My heart is grieved for the accused priests, the people who covered up their sins, and most of all, for the children who were misdirected and robbed of their innocence.

Yesterday, I talked to a non-denominational pastor in another state, who had grown up Catholic. On the subject of the Catholic Church, he said, “Harold, being Catholic, I was taught good morals and a respect for human life.”

This morning, I spoke to a friend of mine with a big famly, who was also raised Catholic, and his words were, “My heart goes out to the Catholics. I just pray they will use this to correct some wrongs and be better for the sins of some priests who were exposed.”

I’m reminded of a saying that the truth will set people free, but sometimes it hurts before it heals.

The hurting can be God’s plan for a supernatural healing.

HAROLD KELLER writes this column as part of his affiliation with the Get High on Life religious motivational group. Call him at (985) 652-8477.