Parish must get it together

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 10, 2002


DEAR EDITOR: I read with interest a recent newspaper article concerning the possible location of a Super Wal-Mart in St. John Parish wherein Chief Administrative Assistant Chris Guidry stated, “Wal-Mart is hurting St. John the Baptist Parish by playing the 800-pound gorilla in the retail grocery market, and that we think that’s bad for our community, and we’re prepared to tell them that.”

I later read an article wherein Parish President Nickie Monica stated, “We are waiting to talk to Wal-Mart to see what they have to say.” It appears that our Parish administration has conflicting views concerning the location of a Super Wal-Mart in St. John the Baptist Parish.

As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I hope they both get on the same sheet of music and do all within their power to attract a Super Wal-Mart to the parish. The convenience and pricing would be welcome as well as the job creation, especially with the recent announcement of the closing of the LaPlace K-mart and loss of 70 jobs.

Additionally, location of a Super Wal-Mart in St. John Parish would stop the ever-increasing flow of tax dollars to other communities.