Rebels continue streak over Rams

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 11, 2002


EDGARD – The Riverside Rebels chalked up a six-game winning streak with Thursday afternoon’s 12-3 victory over the West St. John Rams. A three-point drive in the fifth inning and stolen bases in almost every inning helped secure the Rebels’ win in Edgard.

As if the new 6-1 lead wasn’t enough, the Rebels returned in the seventh inning to drive in another six runs and double their score. The Rams managed one run in each of the fourth, sixth and seventh innings, but when the last strike was thrown, the teams were shaking hands and the Rams were down by nine.

Rebels’ coach Davey Clement said his team started a little slow versus the Rams, although the Riverside team gained a 2-0 lead in the second inning, which they held until both teams scored one run in the fourth.

With the three-point drive in the fifth inning, the Rebels quicken their pace, thanks largely to the team’s consistent pitching. Chris Reeves held the mound into the sixth inning, when Clement made the change over to Josh Labiche. While the Rebels’ pitching fueled their team, the same was true for the Rams, who pitched to three Reserve batters for three outs in the sixth inning.

The inning also found the Rams scoring one run from a line drive to far right field. In the bottom of the seventh, a Rebel single ended in an RBI and sent the Rams’ infield together for a huddle.

On the very next pitch, Scott Poirrier connected to send Britt Waguespack and D.J. Fortenberry in to score.

Clement said the win streak provides evidence that by the end of this season the Rebels should be very tough to beat.

“We should have another shot at the state championship, like last year,” said Clement.

“We have pretty good talent now and it is always going to be there. We just have to play together.”

He said the team has a balanced mixture of juniors, sophomores and freshmen working alongside two seniors, which should continued to provide the Rebels’ talent.

Poirrier finished the game with three hits for RBIs from four at-bats.

Trent Malbrough followed suit with a hit at each of his two at-bats and drove in one RBI for the Rebels.