Destrehan secures 6-5A title

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 23, 2002


DESTREHAN – The Fighting Wildcats saw the light at the end of their tunnel when they welcomed South Lafourche to their court.

Coach Joe Schick and the Destrehan team had been working for two seasons with one goal in mind, winning the District 6-5A title. Friday night’s 94-56 victory presented Destrehan with their desired reward and first District title in 20 years.

From the opening minutes, the Fighting Wildcats made their mission known, by slamming South Lafourche both offensively and defensively until the final buzzer stopped Destrehan shot of the century mark.

“Our goal this season was to win the District championship,” explained Schick. He said after winning two influential games in Terrebonne the prior week, he and the Fighting Wildcats “felt nothing could stop us from winning at home.”

Schick had good reasons for the confidence, his team has been shooting well and playing their overall best on their home court.

Friday night was no different and Schick praised his team for both their offensive and defensive play.

“We were pushing the ball up the floor and getting the fast breaks, when you do that you get rewarded. We had five guys who scored in the double digits,” said Schick.

Helping his players rake in their double-digit points was their increased pressure on the defensive side of the ball. He said a number of people look at such a dramatic win and comment about how good the offense must be. He said for such a win, the defense is often an instrumental part, although sometimes overlooked.

“When you’re getting a lot of steals, you have the opportunity to get the easy ones on the other side of the court,” he added.

The points from across the court added up to a Destrehan 20-10 lead at the end of the first eight minutes and a vision of what was still to come with a 41-21 Destrehan lead at the half-way mark.

The Fighting Wildcats returned for the second half and controlled the first minutes of scoring. Destrehan allowed the Tarpons 14 points in the third quarter, but their slowing growing points was no match for the 24 Destrehan added to their side of the scoreboard.

With their total points soaring past the usual 70 or 80, the Fighting Wildcats continued on their rampage, ensuring a spectacular achievement.

With their monumental victory under their belts and headed for a spot on the gymnasium walls, Destrehan is concentrating on their new immediate goal of winning their first playoff game. Holding the District title also hands the Fighting Wildcats the advantage of having the first game on their home court.

The matchup is set for Friday evening against the 18-12 Brother Martin Crusaders, who have lost their last two games after scoring 50 and 55 points.

“Getting the game at home is a great advantage,” explained Schick. “It could mean five or six points off the bat. That’s one of the reward of winning District. We can’t worry about what’s next after that game,” he continued. “We’ve got to continue playing solid defense. In the playoffs there’s the added pressure of if you lose one game you’re finished. Our players will have to stay poised and not tighten up.”

Whether Destrehan wins or loses Friday night, Schick said he knows this season has been a success.

“There’s no question, we’ve come a long way in the past two years. It’s a credit to the whole team.”