L’Obster Pot: L’Observateur will form new advisory board

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 20, 2002


February 2002 will mark my first anniversary as publisher of L’Observateur.

The past year has been, as you might expect, one of learning, adjusting to a new market, becoming acquainted with the communities the paper serves and acclimating myself to the area.

The year has been both fun and challenging. Thank you for your support and for the welcome I’ve received.

I made the comment in my first column, that L’Observateur was “your” newspaper. I believe that to be true, and the newspaper’s owners, Wick Communications, hold the same philosophy. This paper is in existence for the sole purpose of serving the communities of the River Parishes with the best in local and community news that we can provide. (My owners would probably prefer that we produce a profit while we’re at it, admittedly.)

Anyway, with the concept that this is your newspaper in mind, I’d like to solicit your help in making it an even better source of information for you in the year to come.

Beginning in mid-February or at the latest, the first of March, L’Observateur is going to establish a reader’s advisory board. The purpose of the board will be to gather input from the people we serve. We will be seeking ways to serve you better. We will invite your suggestions, evaluate your criticisms, attempt to give you a better understanding of how and why we do things the way we do, and mainly, seek your desires for what you want and expect from us as your community paper.

The actual number of people chosen to serve on the board has not been decided upon, but it will be somewhat limited by the need to keep our meetings efficient and purposeful, yet enjoyable.

We would like to have a genuine mix of people participate: a homemaker, teacher, pastor, barber or stylist, retiree or senior citizen, a banker or investment counselor, a sports fan or coach, an outdoorsman…just a good mix of our readers.

The meetings will be informal. Refreshments will be served. I expect them to be an hour to a maximum of an hour and a half long, at the most. Agendas will be organized to allow for open discussion on all topics. The time and location of the meetings will be agreed upon by the newly formed board, with the initial meeting place to be announced immediately after the group is selected.

If you would like to serve on the advisory board, or would like to recommend someone to serve, just call L’Observateur at 985-652-9545 and ask for the publisher, David Marlowe, or managing editor Robert Roan. You may also e-mail to: publishr@bellsouth.net or lobnews@bellsouth.net.

We’re excited about the new advisory board and are looking forward to the involvement with you. Please give it some serious thought, and then give us a call.

DAVID MARLOWE is editor and publisher of L’Observateur.