Peace, relief and harmony through pressure’

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 21, 2001


PHOTO: John Detillier Jr. shows Angel Aycock from Lutcher how to use tapping to relieve emotional stress. (Staff photo by Amy Szpara) DESTREHAN – A new form of therapy is being offered in the River Parishes, and some recipients said it works for them to relieve stress, help solve emotional problems and even help heal physical maladies. It is called acupressure, and it is an American derivation of ancient Chinese acupuncture that involves tapping pressure points. Multi-dimensional transformation system, a program that takes four healing techniques and combines them into one program, is run by John Detillier Jr. in Destrehan. Detillier spent 20 years in computer programming and was working as director of information services for Schwegmann’s in New Orleans. Heavily stressed, he learned from a local practitioner some acupressure techniques to calm himself. By tapping on pressure points, he found relief from the stress. Detillier decided to take some classes to learn more about the art of tapping, and he passed the information onto his family. When he was laid off from his job, he managed to stay balanced by using the techniques and moved into a new career. When Detillier’s wife suffered an anoxic brain injury and died a year later, he and his children faced a traumatic situation and found some solace in using his techniques to help them deal with the emotions. He now teaches the techniques to others full-time. Unlike acupuncture, which places needles into the pressure points for relief, acupressure involves gently tapping those same pressure points. There are 28 of them, and like acupuncture, the point is to balance the 12 major meridians in the body: the lungs, liver, gall bladder, spleen/pancreas, kidney, large intestine, pericardium, heart, stomach, triple-warmer, small intestine and bladder. According to Detillier, he also uses color therapy, places lighted color sticks on different parts of the body in order to deal with issues affecting the person’s life. “It’s an energetic balancing of your whole body, and you can do it yourself,” he said, though those dealing with deep issues like life traumas can see him for deeper sessions. In the sessions, he uses a computer system to analyze the person’s body. This is to determine how to balance the frequencies, he said. He also uses essential oil therapy, which involves a type of scent therapy that is supposed to raise the spirits. “We want to empower you for your whole body to heal, to increase your frequency, your energy level,” said Detillier, who added the idea is to get passed the blockings because good levels of energy can prevent disease. According to Detillier, constant anger has been associated with heart disease, and unresolved rage leads to physical problems like gall bladder problems. He added that women who suffer from emotional stress can find relief by tapping the thymus point on the chest to calm themselves. “Think about an event, put your mind back to a trauma into your life. Instantly, you tune into that, those areas and you can feel the energy leaving. This affects the meridians,” he said. “We have you tune into your body, then the event becomes more neutral to your body.” Detillier admits that some people are hard to convince, but a lot of people find that it works for them. “Some of this stuff, we can’t explain. Do you know how your cell phone works? Does it matter? It just does,” he said. He said that kids can use some of the techniques to fight nervousness before tests, and it is also good for job related stress. “This is about clearing the energetic blockages in the body so your body can naturally heal by itself,” said Detillier. Detillier is holding free seminars at the Ormond Country Club in Destrehan Tuesday through Thursday and again on July 31 and August 1. For additional information call 764-0160.