Miss Riverside pageant held

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 14, 2001

PHOTO: Queens of the Riverside Academy 2001 spring pageant are, from left, first row: Breanne Bourgeois, Angelle Lozano and Jaci Lynn Poirrier; and second row: Hannah Levin, Sadie Montz and Shelbi Martin. RESERVE – Finalists of the Riverside Academy Miss Riverside 2001 spring pageant held recently were: Tiny Tot Miss: Angelle Lozano, queen; Chelsie Cupit, first runner-up; Katie Delaneuville, second runner-up; and Malya Allen, fashion. Tiny Miss: Jaci Lynn Poirrier, queen; Ashlynn Lambert, first runner-up; Katie Landeche, second runner-up; and Jaci Lynn Poirrier, fashion. Little Miss: Breanne Bourgeois, queen; Brittany Andry, first runner-up; Katherine Ocmand, second runner-up; Courtnay Griffith, third runner-up; and Brittany Andry, fashion. Young Miss: Shelbi Martin, queen; Katherine Vance, first runner-up; Sarah Levin, second runner-up; Magen Leblanc, third runner-up; and Sarah Levin, fashion. Junior Miss: Hannah Levin, queen; Courtney Simon, first runner-up; Kara Lynn Keller, second runner-up; Kaile Blouin, third runner-up; and Hannah Levin, fashion. Miss Riverside: Sadie Montz, queen; Kassi Montz, first runner-up; Heather Andry, second runner-up; and Jami Lynn Keating, fashion and Miss Congeniality.