St. James softball season wraps up

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 11, 2001


LUTCHER – Monday was the last day of the St. James Parish girl’s fastpitch softball season. Some teams were wrapping up winning seasons. Others were trying end a losing season on a high note. In either case, everyone was having fun. In the 9-10 year-old category, coach Greg Veron of the Lutcher 2 team said, “We’ve come a long way. We’re 10 times better than when we started.” His team’s record was 1-8, its only win from a forfeiture. The team was losing to Lutcher 3 by a score of 3-2. But Veron said the team’s first game was even worse: a 21-0 trouncing. All the runs were earned on walks. There was not a single strike. “Now we can compete. The kids come out here and enjoy themselves,” said Veron. The Poché family was well represented on Lutcher 2. Michelle and sister Brooke “Tiny” Poché played, while their mother Dana Poché and brother Dustin Poché coached and assisted the team. “The last four games we came on strong and gave them a run or their money,” said Dana Poché. “We had a good group. We had fun.” Dana Poch has been doing this for six years, following her daughter Michelle as she spent two years in each of the 5-6 year-olds, the 7-8 year-olds, and the 9-10 year-olds. “(Softball) keeps them active during the summer,”said Dana. “It’s great,” said Michelle Poché, who plans to spend the post season playing with her friends and attending a 4-H camp at Lake Veret. Sheila Boudreaux has also been watching her daughter play summer softball for six years. After the Lutcher 2 team lost its game, her daughter Brooke dashed off to play in an 11-12 year-old game that was short a player. For Sheila the best part of the game is, “Just seeing the excitement of the kids, losing or winning.” Brooke plays on the 9-10 year-old team, but also play on the 11-12 year-olds. “She loves baseball,” said Sheila. “When you love it, you excel at it,” said Dana Poché. Mike and Barbara Cromer were watching their daughter Erin play second base at the 11-12 year-old’s field. “(Erin) played for a few years in Gramercy. Now she’s starting with Lutcher,” said Mike Cromer, who also said that Erin’s been playing softball for three years. Erin’s team, Lutcher 1, has had a “pretty good” season. Mike said the team was at about .500. Mike Cromer has not missed a game yet. “You’ve got to make all of them. I’ve got two playing tonight.” Just across from Erin’s field was her little sister Nikki, playing for the 9-10 year-olds. St. James Parish Recreational Director Daniel Roussel was present also, but for personal reasons. His daughter Meagan Roussel was playing shortstop on the 11-12 team. Billie Keller has been coaching girls softball for the better part of 14 years. “My oldest is 19 years old. This is my last one,” said coach Keller. Keller thinks the best part of the program is, “keeping them off the streets and enjoying themselves, and hopefully teach them something while they have fun.” “My first played on Lutcher’s varsity team for two years,” said Keller. Her middle child is starting next fall as pitcher for the Bulldogs. Summer softball, according to Keller, provides a good foundation for high school softball.