DHS students build baseball pressbox

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 21, 2001


PHOTO: ORION REFINING’s crane lowers a new, student-built press box at Destrehan High School’s baseball field. (Staff Photo by Leonard Gray) DESTREHAN – Gingerly, the crane lowered the object onto its intended cradle, atop a lattice of pipe and steel beams until it was properly centered behind the backstop. It took only minutes, but Destrehan High School’s baseball field now has a new pressbox, designed and built by students. “The kids take a lot of pride in it,” baseball coach Mark Willoughby said. Orion Refining Company in Norco donated the pipe. However, it was student Kirk Pfister who supervised the welding and John Maurice who designed and supervised the carpentry work on the 12-by-20-foot building. What went up Thursday afternoon was the floor and unfinished walls, with the roof and inside finishing to be completed in the next few days. “It’ll be ready to use in a week or so,” Willoughby said. Joy Patin, spokeswoman for Orion, said the five-man crew included Bill Nichols, Albert Falgoust, Ronnie Aymond, Terry Millet, Bill Favors and Chris Elliot, working under the supervison of Keith Sistrunk. Destrehan High principal Chipper Simon was also on hand to watch the addition being added to the athletic complex. He said the students working on the project, under vo-tech instructor Earl Rogers, gained not only practical experience but also the personal pride of accomplishment. “They did all the work,” Simon added with a smile.