Poker run set by St. James sheriff

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 18, 2001


Do you like to play poker and ride a motorcycle? If you do, then the Poker Run is the best of both activities. The Poker Run is a fund-raiser sponsored by the St. James Law Enforcement Torch Run Event to benefit the Louisiana Special Olympics. The food, fun and live entertainment starts April 21 at the St. James Boat Club – Choupique Rodeo and Festival. Registration for the Poker Run is at 10 a.m. and departing time is 11 a.m. The expected return time is 3 p.m. Cost is $10 per hand and $2 for an extra card – this is optional. The Poker Run is where motorcycle enthusiasts can run a course from the east bank to the west bank and back again. Participants will begin at the St. James Boat Club, go east on U.S. Highway 61 in Gramercy and draw their first card when they reach Spuddy’s Cajun Deli on Louisiana Highway 20 in Vacherie. Next they travel to Vincent’s Plantation Restaurant on Louisiana Highway 70 in Donaldsonville, where they draw their second card. They make their way back to the east bank and draw their third card at Hymel’s Restaurant. These bikers continue their ride to C.C. Rogers on U.S. 61 in Gramercy to pick up their fourth card, then complete the circle from where they started – at the St. James Boat Club – and collect their fifth card. Once the motorcyclists get all five cards, whomever has the highest hand is declared the winner and collects 20 percent of the entry pool. Those who did not win have a reprise. They can participate in the 50/50 drawing which gives the participating motorcyclists another chance at winning some money. If someone wins a chance 50 percent of the prize goes to the winner and 50 percent goes to the Special Olympics. One chance is $1, and 6 chances are $5. Special Olympics T-Shirts and pens will be given as door prizes. For more information call John Dunn at (225) 562-2226 or (225) 869-8618, after 4 p.m.