Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 11, 2001


Having fun while helping others For sure, I know that many of you had a really busy weekend, and much of it was fun activity. The best part of that is while you were having fun, you were helping good causes. Yes, we are talking about causes again because there are so many out there and I am talking about really good ones. For instance, our Relay for Life Tammy’s tennis team one and two had a really big night with a bang-up bonco (however it is spelled) game. Belle Terre’s tennis pro, Jason Pinholster, one of our team, offered us the use of the tennis room and we thanked him by allowing him to work hard for the event. Then the people started coming in until we were 60 in number. In our group were team members, husbands, wives, parents and friends, especially friends of Tammy Scontrino to whose memory our teams are dedicated. Some of our team members worked most of the day getting everything ready. Annie Stell and Cindy Gillies were joined by Lindsey Trant who was representative of a very helpful and willing younger generation. You couldn’t get by Cheri Montz at the receiving table without spending more money on various chances. Sheryl Schoen kept arranging donated items for door prizes and exclaiming that “Everybody wants to help, everybody is donating things.” And they did. We had some really nice items to offer as prizes which was wonderful because we were keeping the money for our cause. And did the people bring plenty food and drink! It was plentiful, it was delicious and just about every bit of it “went.” It was my first experience at bonco and now I know why so many people enjoy it. You roll dice, change partners, laugh, yell or gripe because you’re stuck at a table. You have the best time! Pam Montz, Tammy’s sister, conducted the game for us. She loves doing it, really does a great job and does it often to help people raise funds. Cindy continually acknowledged all the donors of the prizes and I believe she and Sheryl had as much fun giving them away as did the people who won them. I didn’t get the final tally from Cindy yet, but I believe we made about $800 for the American Cancer Society. We are excited! If you walked into First American Bank last week, Suzanne Mastainich and her group had sweets for sale to benefit the ACS and various teams are busy at work. Bobbie Zadain told me that the number of teams has doubled this year. Believe me, we who fight cancer are grateful! St. Charles Catholic had a busy day, too. Coaches, parents, children and friends were out there on Sunday in their annual Field Day event. That took work and cooperation of many. Then, at the Gillies Center on new Highway 51, I came upon the auto, bike and truck show presented by the River Parishes Motorcycle Club. Members of NOAH were out there selling refreshments as a fund-raiser, too. I’ll be writing about those events separately. Businesses, merchants and individuals everywhere are being flooded by requests to be sponsors of sport teams or to donate different items to various organizations which are trying to raise funds. I know this for fact because of conversations I’ve had. Some places have plaques of recognition on their wall in for their cooperation and generosity. So, by all means, continue to patronize those places and be grateful because they are doing a great service to our communities. I know there are some youth ball clubs that are still looking for sponsors and what a thrill for the young people when they are found, plus what a fine example of cooperation is set for them. I guess this is a plug for more of you to help if you can. The bottom line I believe is this: these events are costing us money for sure but, we not only are doing good for others, but we are spending it on doing what we want and having fun. To all of you, my good wishes on this Easter holiday. ANNA MONICA, a resident of Garyville, writes this column every Wednesday for L’Observateur.