Chanel students join in war on diabetes

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2001


PHOTO: MARCHING FOR A FIGHT against diabetes, St. Peter Chanel student Matthew Louque lead a fund-raising walk along with St. James Parish President Dale Hymel on his left. The walk raised over $5000 dollars for the American Diabetes Association. (Staff Photo by Daniel Tyler Gooden) PAULINA – St. Peter Chanel students walked 15 minutes and raised $5,323 to aid the fight against diabetes. The fund-raiser hit close, as one of their own, Matthew Louque, has type one diabetes and a few teachers have type two diabetes. Matthew’s mother, Kathy Louque, is the organizer of the fund-raiser at St. Peter Chanel. Type two diabetics control their illness through a regulated diet and insulin shots. “Being a type one diabetic, Matthew is constantly on an insulin pump,” said Louque. The students started the walk with a balloon release, followed by the 15-minute walk through the cemetery behind the church. Matthew Louque cut the ribbon with St. James Parish President Dale Hymel to start the walk. Louque said students raised the $5,323 in pledges. Kim Spratley, district director of the American Diabetes Association, attended. As director of the South Central Region, Spratley’s job covers ADA activities from Lafayette to the gulf shores of Mississippi. The national ADA walk, which is held in the fall, raised around $13 million last year, though fund-raisers such as the one at St. Peter Chanel contribute all year long.