Whose fault?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 24, 2001

DEAR EDITOR: Having both heard of the bullet-finding incident and reading the article about how seriously the St. John Parish School Board is over this incident at LaPlace Elementary School, I am glad to know the School Board now has its head out of the bucket and is taking student safety so very seriously. Both the sheriff’s department and the school board surely are aware not everyone who trespasses through goes just for recreation or to use the school equipment. The child may not have brought this bullet from home to school. He may have found it out on the ground and, curious, picked it up and carried it inside the school. If so, they who truly is deserving of the severe punishment noted in today’s article? Terrifying the fifth-graders with expulsion, maybe they are asking the students the wrong questions on how the bullet got to a floor in a fifth-grade classroom. It’s a thought.

Lillian Ridlen