100th school day celebrated

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 4, 2001


LAPLACE – In St. John the Baptist Parish many schools have been celebrating the 100th day of the school year by participating in activities that are both fun for the students and helpful to the community. The 100th day, though different for different schools, marks the midway mark in the school year and is celebrated nationally. It is a way of motivating the children for the second half of the year. Jan. 29 marked the 100th day for students in most St. John Parish schools, and some schools have turned the day into a time for reflection, service and donating to their community. LaPlace Elementary School, for example, held a schoolwide celebration in which students collected 100 of any item to bring to school for display. Students also participated in an essay contest for older children and drawing contest for younger ones on what the world will be like 100 years from now. Door and bulletin board contests allowed students to show their creativity, and the gifted and talented students decorated the front office and outside the office with 100 hearts. Aside from getting a chance to be imaginative, students also gave to the needy in the community. Each grade level strived to collect 100 nonperishable items per grade for donation to St. John Ministry of Care and other local organizations. Collection items included bathroom necessities, paper items, boxed cereals and foods and canned goods. Fifth Ward Elementary also spent the day celebrating its 100th day by having a balloon release, painting T-shirts and making hats, visiting with “Ed U. Gator” and cutting king cakes. Only six classes participated this year, but they are hoping to make the celebration a schoolwide event next year. “Ed U. Gator,” the mascot for the Honor Roll Roundup, a committee made up of all the schools, volunteers, businesses and industries to recognize honor roll students, paid Fifth Ward a visit. Lomalinda Michel of the St. John Sheriff’s Office is “Ed U. Gator.” “We’re here to pump the kids up,” said Don Haywood, a volunteer for the committee. He said the kids are encouraged to make honor roll twice during the school year so they can participate in the June 2 activities to honor the children with good grades. At the summer event, children who made honor roll get free eats, including snowballs and french fries, prizes and rides. A scholarship is given away to a senior. Names are put into a hat, and the one drawn gets the cash prize for college. Ascension of Our Lord School spent the week of Jan. 29 to Feb. 2 in celebration, honoring Catholic Schools Week while also incorporating 100th day activities. Each class was challenged to bring in 100 cans of food for the Ministry of Care and other organizations in the parish. All classes were also given a giant paper Hershey Kiss, and attached 100 kisses to the giant one. Naming it 100 Kisses of Love, student council officers will deliver the kisses to Place Dubourg residents for Valentine’s Day. Students at Ascension of Our Lord also had a chance to have some fun, too. One day they were allowed to dress as they believed they would when they were 100 years old. Another day they got to wear crazy shoes, socks and ties with their school uniforms. They had a pep rally one day and participated in a game called “Guess How Many,” where they chose from display jars of candy which one they thought had 100 pieces in it. Other activities included a pickle sale hosted by athletes and an outdoor procession of the rosary around the school and in front of the new church. The procession was done in honor of St. John Bosco, the patron saint of the school. According to Karen Verbeek, director of public relations for Ascension of Our Lord, they incorporated the 100th day celebration because it fell during the Catholic Schools Week, which is a time for students to celebrate their Catholic education. “We do fun activities that promote community service and show appreciation for being part of the Catholic school system,” she said.