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Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 20, 2001


Memories are made of these – a look back

One might be surprised at the idea that I enjoy working on a bridal section, but it’s a fact. L’Observateur has its annual bridal section coming up in less than two weeks and I enjoyed doing my assigned articles because it brought back many pleasant memories for me. One story is that of a New Sarpy couple who is coming up on 65 years of wedded bliss. My grandparents were together for 62 years and it’s a mark I hope my wife and myself can achieve. We’re at 21 years so far, and counting. Thankfully, we both come from long-lived families, so I have hope. Another story was on diamond engagement rings, through interviewing a local jeweler. I didn’t get my wife an engagement ring until after we were already married. However, I’ve always been disappointed in the ring. My wife says there is a visible flaw in the stone, but you can’t talk her into an upgrade. This was the one I got her and this is the one she wants to keep. As a matter of fact, I had intended to surprise her with it, but Leonard Krower mailed the bill to me and she beat me to the mail and opened it, spoiling my surprise. The New Sarpy couple met when he spotted the slim, young girl walking down the street and instantly told a friend he was going to marry her. The way I met my wife wasn’t quite as dramatic, but it did have its significant impact. We were both in front of the LSU Student Union, waiting for the Greyhound bus to take us to New Orleans for Easter break. There, her father was picking her up and I was going on to my grandparents’ in Lumberton, Miss. Anyway, she was complaining about the bus being late and I struck up a conversation, and we rode together on the bus for nearly two hours. Like a good gentleman, I waited with her in the bus terminal until her dad came to pick her up. He was immediately impressed with me, despite my long hair and generally scruffy look, because I stood up to greet him and shook his hand. Nevertheless, since I hadn’t gotten her phone number, her dad had her convinced by the end of the Easter holiday that I was just a casual acquaintance who she would likely never see again. Instead, I got to Lumberton and told my aunt about this girl I had met. Once back at LSU, I got her number from the student phone directory and asked her out that night. We went out that night and about six weeks later, I asked her to marry me. Much to my everlasting astonishment, she accepted. Of course, we didn’t get married right away, as the above-mentioned New Sarpy couple did. We took another two and a half years before we tied the knot. However, it’s always a fun story to tell, especially when I note that the day I met my wife, it was April Fool’s Day. I do love bridal sections. LEONARD GRAY is assistant managing editor for L’Observateur.