Childcare center is getting off the groundL’Observateur / December 27, 2000LAPLACE – Even though it officially opened in July, Maw-Maw Mason’s Daycare and Learning Center is still trying to get off the ground.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 27, 2000

They are taking care of 40 children right now, but Maw Maw Mason said they can handle many more.

“We have plenty more space for the children,” said Mason.

Located at 625 Woodland Drive in the Cambridge Subdivision, the center provides some unique services not offered by other day care centers.

First of all Mason offers both day and night care for the children. For parents that work at night or strange shifts, this can be a blessing.Mason also provides a learning center for the children specializing in early child development. They offer lessons in motor skills, phonices, preshcool preparation and the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.Maw Maw Mason’s Daycare and Learning Center has a class “A” license from the state of Louisiana.

With her staff of five loyal, dedicated and trained daycare workers, Mason said, “You can trust your children in our hands.”For more information and to register your child, call 651-6600.

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