Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 13, 2000

L’Observateur / December 13, 2000

The following events were recorded in the pages of L’Observateur this week in the history of the River Parishes.


In commenting on the dastardly attack on our person by an official, the Meschacebe, a tyrant and parasite of whose ownership we have never been able to establish, boast of it in a most ridiculous and senseless manner.

Last Thursday, a very interesting meeting was held at Garyville. Mrs.Jennie B. McGehee addressed a large crowd in the Liberty Hall, lecturing onsocialism.


E.J. Caire was elected president of the Bank of St. John at the regularmeeting of the board of directors last Tuesday morning.

The annual meeting of stockholders of the San Francisco Planting and Manufacturing Co. will be held at their office at San Francisco Plantation onJan. 4, from 2 to 4 p.m.

Cut out the bunk, shave off the long face, get your winning smile on and quit your kidding. There is nothing wrong with this favored spot of theuniverse.


Mr. Theodore Montz of Laplace passed away last night at the ripe age of 85years. Deceased was a native and life-long resident of this parish.

Maurin’s Theatre at Reserve is now offering its many patrons cash in the form of Bank Night on Saturday nights.

Maurin’s Theatre program this week includes, on Wednesday, “The Three Musketeers” and episode five of “Tarzan.”


Teachers at Leon Godchaux High School have decided to revive the tradition of the annual Carnival Ball after a hiatus of three years. The ballwill be held Feb. 23 in the school gym. A canned food drive in being conducted in Reserve and LaPlace under the auspices of the Catholic Welfare Conference to augment war relief services.

The students of St. Peter’s School will stage their annual Christmasprogram called “Precious Letters” on Dec. 19.

The St. John Parish Police jury will ask the state legislature to amend theliquor law and restore the power of police juries to grant and revoke liquor licenses.


The eight-month-old sugar strike at Godchaux Sugar Refinery was finally settled this week.

Reserve and Neville prepare to face-off for the state championship at this Friday’s game.

A Baton Rouge man was fined for hunting in St. John Parish with a pluggedgun.

The new cafeteria at Godchaux Grammar school was officially dedicated at last week’s PTA meeting.


The greatest shopping splurge in history is currently underway in St. JohnParish with merchants all over the parish reporting their best Christmas sales ever.

Union barbers in St. John Parish have raised the price of a haircut by 25cents.

The Reserve Jaycees voted unanimously to support the U.S. policy inVietnam.

President of the Louisiana State Board of Health says that the danger of the brown recluse spider is highly exaggerated.


Two scam artists were arrested when they tried to outwit an out-of- uniform Chief Civil Deputy Sheriff Carl Baloney.

Lutcher High School takes home the Class AAA State Championship trophy.

St. Charles received a new ferryboat, the “St. James,” as it’s customaryto name the boats after parishes and St. John and St. Charles is already in use.

Second Ward reached the state finals undefeated to try for third state title in the last four years.


The first annual Christmas In St. John is declared in support of the Light aChild’s Future program.

The St. John United Way was short $488 of its goal just prior to the end ofthe drive.

The Gramercy volunteer fire department erects a two-story “Evergreen Plantation” home to burn on Christmas Eve.

Garland Landry and Lionel Comeaux won the best overall award in the 27th Annual Garyville Wheelbarrow Parade.

Someone accidently donated a 15-karat charm when they dropped a few coins in the LaPlace Jaycees Toys for Tots donation can. The Jaycees werelooking to return it to the owner.


A helicopter crash killed one and injured the pilot. The two men wore usingthe helicopter to do routine work on powerlines.

Lake Pontchartrain is projected to be swimmable in five years.

Hahnville loses their title of State Champion to Neville, 35 to 7.

St. John nails down their bonfire ordinances.

Sheriff Lloyd Johnson pulls in 35 arrested drug dealers in Operation Crank.

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