Christmas pageant winners announced

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 13, 2000

L’Observateur / December 13, 2000

RESERVE – The Christmas Angel Pageant was held recently at the St. PeterSchool auditorium. The pageant was a fund-raiser for St. Peter SpringPageantry Ball couple Alex Vicknair and Trisha Babin.

Winner are: Baby Miss Christmas Angel (3-11 months): Jade Kelley, queen, prettiest smile, photogenic and fashion; Taylor Marie Darr, first runner-up and prettiest eyes; Sheridan Rene’ Baughman, second runner-up; Shyanne Badeaux, third runner-up and prettiest hair; and Emmy Loren Castelao- Moran, fourth runner-up.

Baby Master Christmas Angel (3-11 months): Jaycen Mollere, king, prettiest eyes and fashion; and Dustin James Judd, first runner-up, prettiest smile, prettiest hair and photogenic.

Tiny Tot Miss Christmas Angel (12-23 months): Amy Lynn Bossier, queen and prettiest smile; Ashley Marie Bailey, first runner-up, prettiest eyes and photogenic; and Kalyn Maire Harris, second runner-up, prettiest hair and fashion.

Tiny Tot Master Christmas Angel (12-23 months): Trey Alan Catoire, king, prettiest smile, prettiest eyes, prettiest hair and photogenic; and Tyler Ray Bourgeois, first runner-up and fashion.

Toddler Miss Christmas Angel (2-3 years old): Kaylyn Rebecca Montz, queen; Paige Laurent, first runner-up, prettiest eyes and prettiest hair; Paige Cornwell, second runner-up and fashion; and Haley Michel LeBouef, third runner-up, prettiest smile and photogenic.

Toddler Master Christmas Angel (2-3 years old): Dalton Patrick Reed, king and prettiest eyes; Matthew Cole Bourgeois, first runner-up, prettiest smile and fashion; Daniel O’Neal Bailey, second runner-up, prettiest hair and photogenic; Jaydon Mollere, third runner-up; and Cory Boudreaux Jr., fourth runner-up.Deb Miss Christmas Angel (8-9 years old): Victoria Stein, queen, prettiest eyes and photogenic; Raven Marie Jacob, first runner-up and prettiest smile; Katie Rylee, second runner-up, prettiest hair and fashion; and Victoria Ann Bourgeois, third runner-up.

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