Appreciate our loss this season

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 6, 2000

DEAR EDITOR: On Dec. 29, 1999, Capt. David C. Knapps died at the hands of severalinmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary as he fought to protect the security of the institution and the safety of the public. His actionsdemonstrated the highest levels of dedication, loyalty and heroism. Hismemory will be forever honored by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. I ask you to join us in remembering Capt. Knapps, who made the ultimatesacrifice, and his family, whose hearts will always be burdened by their grief and loss. He representated the best of a team of almost 8,000 employeeswho toil daily under adverse conditions for very little pay to provide supervision in institutions and in the community for the almost-100,000 people in the custody of the state correctional system in Louisiana. On their behalf, I wish everyoen a joyous holiday celebration. Also on theirbehalf, I ask you to pause for a moment of prayer and reflection for those whose joy has been tempered by tragedy. Richard L. Stalder Secretary, Dept. of Public Health and Safety