Caterer remembers needy during holidays

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 2, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / December 2, 2000

ST. JAMES – Thanksgiving. The holiday brings thoughts of tables loadedwith food and families gathering to give thanks for their fortune.

What if come Thanksgiving you had no food, or no family to share with.

Enter Rose Washington. For those who had no food or family last week,Washington supplied both to bring Thanksgiving to those who would have had none.

Washington and her husband Angelios owns Rose’s Catering and Reception Hall next to the Sunshine Bridge. On Thanksgiving Day baked turkey,smoked turkey, fried chicken, cornbread dressing, rice dressing and all sorts of sweets came pouring out of Washington’s ovens. Due to thesuccess of her business over the last year, her show of thanks was directed to the community.

“We wanted to share with the public and people who didn’t have a family.

They could come out and be with us,” said Washington. Plate lunches werealso made up and delivered to those who were home-bound and could come to the reception hall. “With what the Lord has brought us through, we werehappy feeding the community,” added Washington.

With the help of her staff, Juliette Jasper, Agnes Washington, Nellie Bergeron, and other volunteers Washington put on quite a feast. Food for400 people came out of those ovens. Through out the day, around 175people came by and almost 100 plate lunches were delivered, said Washington. The rest of the food was given to those who helped bringabout the special day.

There was only time for two notices in the local churches to be given between the time Washington decided to provide the dinner and Thanksgiving. Once the word was out her mother asked, “Do you know whatyou’ve done? How are you going to feed all these people?” “I wasn’t worried about how I was going to do it,” said Washington. “TheLord will provide.”Soon after the announcements one local lady gave a check to Washington to help out. Others began to donate food and volunteer their time.”I had help from friends and family all the way,” said Washington.

The Rev. Timothy Oubre and the Rev. Samuel Jones, both of St. James, cameto bless the meal. There was quite a mixture of people at the receptionhall. “A good portion there didn’t have anyone to share Thanksgiving with,”said Oubre. The families and people present were thankful for theopportunity to be there, and thankful to Rose and Angelios,” he added.

To put on that kind of event, providing so much for those with so little, Oubre wasn’t surprised at all by the Washington. He described Rose as avery caring person who has worked very hard for the church and has often donated her time and talents to those in need. Oubre is also proud of whereshe is today.

“She had that dream (of Rose’s Catering) long ago, and it was come to fruition. She’s worked very hard to get where she is today,” said Oubre.Washington’s hard work has benefitted her, and it shows in her desire to help others as she did for Thanksgiving.

One family in particular was given plate lunches that day. With six kids, aNapoleonville family has fallen on hard times. With the father ill fromcancer Washington’s food was a welcome gift. Jacqueline Jones, a friendof the family, can attest to how much the food helped to bring about a happy Thanksgiving day. They would have done something, but theycertainly had more food than they normally would have, said Jones.

“The family is very grateful. Ms. Rose is a very nice lady,” she added.Standing in her kitchen Tuesday Washington posed an important question to her staff, “Are we going to do this next year?” she asked.

Jasper, Washington and Bergeron were certain of their answer, definitely yes.

“She thinks of the good ideas; we help her act them out,” they said.

For many, Thanksgiving wouldn’t have been the same without the Washington family and their friends. Rose Washington hopes she will beable to continue helping out the community, not just on the holidays, but on regular occasions. “The Lord has blessed us. We wanted to pass downthe blessing,” said Angelios.

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