Hahnville edges Lady Cats, forces tie-breaker for first

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 4, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / November 4, 2000

HAHNVILLE – The Hahnville High School gymnasium was rocking with an audience ready for some high stakes volleyball. Hahnville and Destrehanfaced off with first place in District 9-I on the line, with Hahnville winning, 15- 9, 9-15, 15-13.

Hahnville (21-10, 3-1) tied Destrehan (18-15, 3-1) atop the district with the win. The teams played a tie-breaker Thursday at Hahnville.The first game started off with a Hahnville score. Both teams reeled in thepoints, one by one, but neither could seriously start a run until Hahnville got a foothold.

Destrehan was ahead, 6-2, when Hahnville score four in a row. Hahnvillecontinued to pour it on to win the first game, 15-9.

The Lady Cats were fired up for the second game. At their first chance toserve, Jan Chauvin served up three that ended in points for Destrehan.

Hahnville struggled to gain the lead, but they could only catch up twice, and never pulled ahead. Destrehan consistently kept two or three points ahead,until finally pulling a way for the win.

Quinena Sinceno served the last two points with Atina Porter spiking the 14th on the back line and Hahnville returning the ball out of bounds for the game point.

In the third game, the lead switched back and forth, leaving the audience out of breath for all their cheering.

Hahnville started off with the lead, until the Lady Cats caught up and continued on from two and two. Meagan Stock served up the third, fourth,fifth and six points, as Hahnville scrambled to stop the advance.

Side-outs continued to haunt the court as both teams made mistakes in a tense third game. The Lady Tigers trailed by four and five points for a longstretch as the score proceeded 8-3.

Somewhere in the mix of odd points and side-outs, Hahnville began to creep up. At 11-7, Stock dropped the ball over the net and into a Destrehan hole.Stock then took up the serving and continued until Hahnville caught up at 11.

The teams held on to their scores in a death grip, both advancing one by one, tying and retying. Destrehan pulled up, 13-12. The Hahnville crowd holleredloudly.

Lady Tiger LaToya Jones stepped up to serve. Destrehan returned the ballinto the net, and Hahnville tied. Destrehan fell to the 14th and 15th pointrapidly as they crumbled to the setting and spiking of Bridgit Humphreys to Elizabeth Landry.

A combo commonly seen through out all three games, Humphreys would set it up right in front of the net.

Landry, with a consistent power, rocketed the ball over the net and onto the wooden court. Hahnville won the last game 15-13.Ike stated after the game that they would prepare to meet Hahnville again on Thursday by keeping focus, hustling and working on their serving “which is our biggest enemy,” said Ike.

Lindsey Yochim had two aces and 15 assists for Hahnville. Landry had 14 killswhile Jones provided top defense.

Destrehan was led by Porter with 15 kills and two aces. Jessica Johnsonprovided top defense.

Reserve Christian wins district – RESERVE – The Reserve Christian Lady Eagles captured the District 8-V title Thursday afternoon with a 15-4, 15-12 victory at Faith Christian.

Reserve Christian improved to 10-8 overall and 2-0 in district. FaithChristian fell to 6-15 overall and 0-2 in district. The Lady Eagles will play inthe state tournament in the Ponchartrain Center Wednesday afternoon.

Amber Schlesinger had a game-high six kills for Reserve Christian. SummerVicknair had three aces and was the top defender.

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