Festival royalty, the St. John Andouille Festival has 3 new ambassadors

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 25, 2000

L’Observateur / October 25, 2000

Shannon Hinton is the 2000 St. John Parish Andouille Queen and will reignover this weekend’s Andouille Festival in LaPlace.

Teen Queen Brandi Matulich and Mrs. Andouille Valencia Green will join Hintonat the festival and as year-long ambassadors for St. John the Baptist Parish.The three queens were crowned Saturday night at the St. John Theatre inReserve.

Hinton, the daughter of Maurice and Kathleen Hinton of LaPlace, was the 1999 St. John Sugar Queen.Members of her court include Shana Luminais, first runner-up; Kristen Millet, second runner-up; Gina Steib, third runner-up; Jill Jacob, fourth runner-up; and Shannon Jacob, fifth runner-up.

Teen Queen Matulich, 14, is the daughter of Glen and Dawn Childs.

Members of her court include Sarah Webre, first runner-up; Brandi Millet, second runner-up; Courtney Simon, third runner-up; Latoya Isaac, fourth runner-up; and Rashide Swafford, fifth runner-up.

Green’s court includes Lisa Hoover, first runner-up; Chrissy Wilcox, second runner-up; Angelle LeBouef, third runner-up; and Cheryl Bowman, fourth runner-up.

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