LaPlace Academy wins team state title again

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 21, 2000

MICHAEL KIRAL / L’Observateur / October 21, 2000

LAPLACE – LaPlace Academy of Tae Kwon Do instructor Gillis Cure said he could not have been prouder of his students after their performance at the Fourth annual Louisiana State Championships held Oct. 6.LaPlace Academy captured the championship cup in a landslide, winning it for the second time in three years. The team championship was based on pointsfrom winning in the individual categories. And of the 11 students lined up forthe Grand Champion competition, nine were from LaPlace Academy, including all four in the brown belt division.

“As an instructor, I couldn’t have asked for more from my students,” Cure said. “They did everything they were taught. I’m so proud of them. They didreally well.”Black belt Jason Clark was the Grand Champion in both kata and weapons. Healso won first place in kata and weapons.

Ashley Wilking, a second-degree brown belt, was the Grand Champion in weapons. She also placed first in sparring, kata and weapons.Fourth-degree brown belt Ryan Guillot was the Grand Champion in kata. Guillotalso had first places in kata, sparring and weapons.

Taylor Atkinson had a first in kata and a second in weapons as a fourth- degree brown belt. Jonathan Lambert, also a fourth-degree brown belt, wassecond in sparring and second in katas. Fourth-degree brown belt Alan Jacobwas second in kata and third in weapons as was fourth-degree brown belt Ryan Ralser.

Kyle Wilking, a third-degree brown belt, was first in kata and weapons.

Blue belt David Doucet was first in katas and first in sparring.

Davin Tamburello was the Grand Champion in kata as a green belt. He alsowas first in katas and second in sparring.

Nick Woodroof, also a green belt, was third in kata and third in sparring.

LaPlace Academy also took part in the Red Dragon Dragon Wars competition in June 3. Ryan Guillot was the Grand Champion in weapons. He also took firstin weapons, sparring and katas. Ashley Wilking was the Grand Champion inweapons. She was also first in weapons and second in katas. Kyle Wilking wasfirst in weapons, second in sparring and third in katas.

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