Lawson pastoring LaPlace church

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 18, 2000

ERIK SANZENBACH / L’Observateur / October 18, 2000

LAPLACE – There’s a new minister in St. John the Baptist Parish at theLaPlace Church of Christ.

Bobby Lawson, his wife Renee and their four children just got here two weeks ago, and Lawson is ready to go.

“I really enjoy the idea of being in a small town,” said Lawson who spent the last 11 years working out of a church in Chicago, Ill. “It’s quite a change froma population of over six million.”Lawson, who wants everyone to call him Bobby, said he has been a minister for 15 years. He calls Kentucky home, but he said being the son of an AirForce officer kept him and his family traveling all over the country.

Lawson has a brother who lives in LaPlace, and when there was an opening for a minister he asked Lawson to come on down.

“The people in the church have been really kind to us,” said Lawson, “and we have met a lot of good people here in LaPlace.”Lawson said his preaching is based on the Bible and that he talks about things people can relate to.

“I want religion to be enjoyable and a celebration,” said Lawson. “I know a lotof people think that going to church is drudgery. But it is really about the joyof finding God.”Lawson said the members of his congregation are here to help the people of LaPlace.

“My hope is to glorify God and help people to find Him,” said Lawson. “And I willbe here to do that as long as the Lord keep us here.”The LaPlace Church of Christ is located at 101 Church St. and can bereached at 652-9938. Sunday Bible study is at 9 a.m. and Sunday servicesare celebrated at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. There is also a Wednesday Bible studyat 7 p.m for all ages.

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