Insurance InsightsAlan S. Moore / L’Observateur / October 18, 2000In many respects we are a “wired” society. Many of us have more than onetelevision, a VCR, computer, microwave oven and other electronic components. All of these machine contain microchips.Beware – in a fraction of a second your electronic device can be ruined.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Electrical surges cause millions in damage to home furnishings each year, and most of them are preventable.

Lightning can cause surges, but electrical spikes -voltages in your home’s electrical system that increase and return to normal within a fraction of a second – can occur at any time.

Properly installed surge protection devices (SPD) combined with a good home grounding system (essential for and SPD to work) should protect your electrical and electronic appliance from all but the most severe electrical surges.

For the best protection an SPD can be installed at the electric meter or main electric panel, An SPD to be installed at the electric panel or meter should be UL-listed 1449 and IEEC 587 Category C. The SPD should also be rated fornot less than 40,000 amps.

Also, an SPD can be connected to specific devices to be protected. Surgeprotection devices meant for appliances and other electronics should be UL- listed IEEE 587 Category A or B and rated not less than 5,000 amps.

Take actions now to prevent an electrical surge-related claim in the future.

MIKE WILLIAMS, who writes this column every Wednesday for L’Observateur, is a local agent with State Farm Insurance.

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