Wildcats get back on track against SCC

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 14, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / October 14, 2000

ST JAMES -The dreaded Friday the 13th held no worry for the Wildcats as they denied the Comets any scores in the first half and won 27-20.

St. James improved its record to 4-3 overall and 1-1 in District 9-3A. St.Charles Catholic fell to 2-5 overall and 0-2 in district.

St. James drug their first drive out six minutes for their first touchdown.With 13 plays, 11 running, the Wildcats crossed the goal line, senior running back Travell Steib carrying the ball for the score. Quentin Batiste made theextra kick, rounding the score off to 7-0 with 5:58 left on the clock.

The Comets held on to the ball for the rest of the first quarter, but were never able to get closer than the Wildcat’s 35 yard-line. A clipping followedby an illegal procedure call put St. Charles behind a third-and-30 wall theycouldn’t cross.

After sacking Wildcats quarterback Chris Hymel and blocking their punt, the Comets seemed to rally at the 24 yard-line for their next drive.

The team fought down to the 16-yard line. A bad snap in shotgun formationlost the third down and pushed the team back 22 yards to end the drive with a punt.

St. James took the ball down field for another score. With his first run in theeight play drive, Justin Aubert dashed 32 yards for the touchdown. Batistemissed the extra kick, but St. James remained ahead 13-0 with 3:46 left togo in the first half.

The Comets were forced to punt their next drive, but looked to maybe capitalize on a last second error by St. James. After three incompletepasses by Hymel and his receivers, the Comets defense finally got a hold of him and forced a fumble with a sack.

The ball bounced down field to the 16-yard line just as the clock ran out and halftime began.

The Comets came out of halftime ready to win. Quarterback JasonWaguespack constructed a 73-yard drive in nine plays to bring the team finally into the end zone for their first touchdown.

Running backs Todd Babin and Doug Friloux teamed up, rushing down the field with Babin breaking through the left side for the final 14 yards. Phil Hoffmansent the ball over the goal post for the extra-point, putting St. Charles onthe board with seven points.

St. James, not to be outdone, scored on their next drive as well. The drivebegan on a strong note with Davin Dennis returning the Comets’ kick 45 yards to the middle of the field. Five plays and five different players workedthe ball down to the 5-yard line.

Donavan Williams busted through the center for the touchdown, 5:38 left in the quarter. Williams, evidently did not have his fill as he headed left on thetwo-point conversion and again crossed the goal line. The score set St.James further ahead at 21-7.

Not planning to backdown then, St. Charles pressed hard to the Wildcat’s 22-yard line, but the defense held them off.

A fourth-down, last-ditch pass to Randy Madere almost connected at the goal line, but slipped off his fingers much to the relief of the St. James fans.St. James took their next drive into the third quarter. Seven minutes left onthe clock found St. James again deep in the Comets’ field. A third downincomplete pass brought the kicking team onto the 10-yard line. Batistemissed the field-goal though and St. Charles again took the ball.In the next minute, the Comets had reversed the scene, tramping down to the 13-yard line where Madere made good on his next attempt and caught a touchdown pass. Hoffman’s kick put St. James ahead by 21-14.The first play found on the next drive found the Comets’ Aaron Johnson bringing down Hymel on the 26-yard line. The team continued to push hardback down field, and Steib made a 22-yard touchdown run, but a holding call pulled the score off the board. On third and still 22, Hymel was again sacked,this time by Chris Cancienne.

All or nothing St. James went, and a hard pass to the far left corner foundDavin Dennis outstretched in a dive to grasp the ball and slide out at just short of the goal line. Hymel barrelled through over the line and St. Jamesagain pulled ahead 27-14.

The Comet’s had 1:37 left in the final quarter to make something happen, and they did, but it wasn’t enough. Shooting down field, the Comet’s madeone last touchdown with a 19-yard pass by Waguespack to Madere.

The kick was blocked by an aggressive St. James defense. Though theComets went for the onsides-kick, the Wildcats pulled in the ball and ran out the clock.

St. James travels to E.D. White next week while St. Charles Catholic hostsDonaldsonville.

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