Voting is vital

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 11, 2000

This is an old litany, but one still worth repeating – register to vote, vote and stop complaining about the results if you didnt vote. In St. John the Baptist Parish, many residents will likely notice their salestaxes have increased, as 21 percent of the parishs registered voters decided on behalf of 100 percent of the residents whether the school board and sheriff would receive increased tax revenues. Twenty-one percent is a dismal turnout for something that important and its even more so in the Eighth District school board race, where only 35 percent of the voters bothered to decide who would make vital decisions affecting the education of thousands of St. John the Baptist Parish children.There is no excuse for not registering to vote. With a 14-hour period in whichto vote on election day, plus generous time to file an absentee ballot, there is also no excuse for not voting. Yet, some people complain about law enforcement or public education and, when given the opportunity to make their voices heard, sit on their hands and do nothing. We can do better.